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Service Levels
Standard Portable Appliance Testing

This level of appliance testing is suited to small and medium sized enterprises with mainly office based equipment. The testing frequency in the main is one year however many clients do operate with a testing regime over 2 years.
The engineers will fully test all equipment on site. They will visually check and electrically test all equipment found.

Industrial Appliance Testing

This level of testing is suited to manufacturing and more industrial based companies. This type of equipment is moved more often and is subject to a greater risk of damage and electrical faults. The testing frequency tends to be higher in these environments and many clients will test every six months.

Risk Based Approach

This level of testing is suited to larger companies with multiple sites with high volumes of equipment. Typically a survey / review of the asset register will be conducted. We can then make recomendations on how you can reduce the overall cost of the appliance testing. For large companies this can represent a significant cost saving.

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