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Risk Based Approach

The PAT industry faces a renewed emphasis to adopt a risk based approach to workplace electrical safety testing which has implications for how and when testing is conducted.

From the customer perspective this could potentially lead to confusion about what needs to be done and when. However Pat Plus are now able to implement a risk based approach that will ensure you are compliant and able to realise significant savings in relation to your testing.

“The clear message is that electrical equipment inspection and testing regimes should be based on a more focused and robust approach to assessing the safety risks posed by appliances.

Pat Plus are able to respond positively to this change in emphasis, and now have the opportunity to provide much more added value to their customers”.

In effect this will mean moving away from a simple cost per test-driven service to the provision of more thorough support based on a more professional advisory, testing and record keeping service.

This approach is in line the recently published fourth edition of the IET Code of Practice which emphasises the importance of taking a proportionate response to ensuring that all workplace electrical systems are safe to use.

To do this it says that a structured approach to risk assessment should be adopted for the determination of inspection and testing intervals.

The new guidance has been developed in response to concerns that the implied legal requirement for maintaining the safety of electrical appliances was being applied too broadly, resulting in situations of costly over compliance, particularly in some of the more low risk working environments.

If you had your testing done within the last 12 months Pat Plus can help to develop your risk based approach to appliance testing and help you realise savings on your testing costs. For more information just drop us an e-mail at:

admin@patplus.co.uk and we will be pleased to go through the differences and how you could achieve significant savings.

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